About Camcarex

Since our start in 2003, CAMCAREX Security Cameras has always taken pride in providing excellent customer service to those seeking video surveillance and security camera systems. We serve a wide range of clients from large corporations and small businesses to private end users and professional installers. Through careful planning and research, we've come to offer one of the largest selections of cameras around. We have over 100 name brand manufacturers!

We take pride in keeping our customers happy and making sure we provide an excellent level of customer service. While some businesses seek out the quick buck, we here at CAMCAREX PTZ Cameras are in it for the long haul. Whether it is big business or an even bigger backyard, we will work hard to customize the security system that best fits your needs and budget. Looking out for our customers is our job - we only provide the highest quality and most affordable products. That is to say, we offer the best because we believe your family, home, and business deserve the best.